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Seminar on the Force I

Where: Red Bluff Park
When: 8/2/2014
Title: Seminar of the Force:
Sunday August 2nd the Community of Inner Light of Oakland and the Community of Fire of San Francisco collaborated to host a Seminar I of the Force from the Manual of Messengers in Parks of Study and Reflection Red Bluff.
Community: Community of Inner Light of Oakland
City: Red Bluff
Country: USA
Contact: Michael

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Messengers Retreat

Red Bluff Park – 5/22/2011
For all those who would like to deepen their understanding of Silo’s Message
This two-day retreat was inspired by Silo’s declared intention, before his passing in September 2010, to “give strong impulse” to the Message beginning in January of 2011.
The first day is dedicated to study, reflexion and interchange about the Message, and to considering what this “strong impulse” might be.
The second day we reflect and interchange about what we are doing with the Message, what our aspirations for ourselves and others are.
Mary Shaver

Seminar on the Message

Hudson Valley Park – 3/12/2011
Hi friends,IMG_5815
We wanted to tell you about the Message seminar last weekend at Hudson Valley park. We had a great couple of days clarifying what is the Message for us, doing plenty of ceremonies to strengthen the spirit and warm the heart and figuring out individually how is it that we want to transmit the Message in a world that seems each time more unstable and changing.
We are aware that there are many who are predisposed and seeking a deeper understanding and a more profound experience in their lives.
We want to find them.

Hugs, Patricia

Seminar on Reconciliation

Hudson Valley Park – 9/4/2010
On Saturday, September 4, we held our second monthly Message seminar at Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection on the theme of “Reconciliation” from the Manual of The Message.

The theme was on the important experience of reconciling from a profound spiritual point of view. The seminar also helped us create an aphorism that allows us to go reconciling progressively.

It was great to see the seminar attended by several new people who had never participated in any of our activities previously. Everyone reached interesting conclusions.

Thanks to Maureen Prunty, Kurt Heyl and Yolanda Andersson for facilitating

Seminar on Direction and Aphorisms

Hudson Valley Park – 7/25/2010
The Message seminar “Direction and the Aphorisms” was held at Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection on Sunday, July 25th, 2010.
It was a milestone because it was our first Message seminar held at HVP and was well attended by 18 people. For many, this was also their first visit to the Park which was purchased only a month earlier which was exciting in and of itself.
The seminar was taken from the Manual for Messengers and was facilitated by Maureen Purdy, Kurt Heyl and Nicole Myers.
The overall reaction was how important the aphorisms are which can be an extraordinary tool for our internal development as well as everything else we do in life.