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Messengers Retreat

Red Bluff Park – 5/22/2011
For all those who would like to deepen their understanding of Silo’s Message
This two-day retreat was inspired by Silo’s declared intention, before his passing in September 2010, to “give strong impulse” to the Message beginning in January of 2011.
The first day is dedicated to study, reflexion and interchange about the Message, and to considering what this “strong impulse” might be.
The second day we reflect and interchange about what we are doing with the Message, what our aspirations for ourselves and others are.
Mary Shaver

Seminar on the Golden Rule

Red Bluff Park – 11/1/2009
Dear friends1
We just had a great seminar on the Golden Rule at our Park. Pieced together from various sources, it was designed to fit into three hours – and although we had to condense it a bit because of a late start, there was a lot of heartfelt interchange, reflection and good feeling.
It felt like a cherished opportunity of the kind that doesn’t often open up in our hectic lives – meaningful and useful.

big hugs
Trudi & Mary
Winged Lion Community, Davis