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Dec. 16, Red Bluff Park of Study & Reflection

Saturday morning, the Park green and beautiful in the rain, around fifteen of us gathered in the Center of Work for our usual monthly gathering. 

Two good friends from Berlin on Skype joined us via Skype as we began the day with the work with the Force and the Wellbeing, asking for friends and loved ones who are in need of support. 

Then we plunged into our theme, the Divine Feminine and its role in human history up to the present day and onward, exploring how we can strengthen the benign influence of feminine values such as caring and compassion in our world, now and into the future. 

Ken D. started things off with a powerpoint presentation about the millions of years of human development until the present day. Then we went into an in-depth study “The Rupture,” a work by Karen R. inspired by a letter from Silo from 2004. For about two hours we explored this fascinating and provocative theme, until, exhausted by the rigors of the discussion, we were forced to take a break for a sumptuous lunch.

When we reconvened, we devoted the afternoon to working with clay, making small sculptures that expressed our personal experience of the Divine Feminine. This turned out to be a surprisingly peaceful experience, and we all fell into silence as we let go of our worries about producing the perfect work of art, and just let the clay speak through our hands.

We ended the day by watching a video on the Neanderthal and their relationship to our homo erectus ancestors. When we ended the weekend, each of us carried the question of the Divine Feminine away with us, and we will continue to explore this essential theme in our everyday lives. 

We invite everyone who resonates with this theme to join us at the Park this coming January 19, when we will pit fire our clay sculptures and continue exploring this profound theme. This is an opportunity for all of us, no matter what our gender, to learn to let the Divine Feminine express itself within and among us freely, in balance with our masculine strengths. As we continue this work together, we are making a heartfelt contribution to our loved ones, our community, and our world toward the ongoing evolution of a complete human being full of peace, force, and joy.

Trudi R.

Sacred Feminine Workshop

On Saturday November 17th 2018 some friends from the communities of Silo’s Message at the Eastlake Hall in Oakland traveled to Parks of Study and Red Bluff to join Paul Tooby from the Red Bluff community of the Message for a workshop exploring the Sacred Feminine. We used Karen Rohn’s contribution ‘The Rupture’ to guide our study and interchange.
We started the workshop with a ceremony of Laying on of Hands followed by unorganized individual study, reflection, and interchange about ‘The Rupture.’ After lunch we came together as a group to work with clay forming our own expressions of the Sacred Feminine. We left the Park very inspired and the next day before returning home we took the time to enjoy a beautiful Autumn morning by the Sacramento River.

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Seminar on the Force I

Where: Red Bluff Park
When: 8/2/2014
Title: Seminar of the Force:
Sunday August 2nd the Community of Inner Light of Oakland and the Community of Fire of San Francisco collaborated to host a Seminar I of the Force from the Manual of Messengers in Parks of Study and Reflection Red Bluff.
Community: Community of Inner Light of Oakland
City: Red Bluff
Country: USA
Contact: Michael

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Seasonal Celebration Spring – 2013

Red Bluff Park – 3/23/2013
We had our Seasonal Celebration at the Park on Saturday March 23rd.
We had the opportunity to place a “mobile hall” where the Hall is going to be built. It was a great day with lots of talks, activities, exchanges and we were able to do the Service Ceremony and the Well Being Ceremony in our tent.
It felt very good and it was inspiring and in a high emotional spirit. Afterwards we had dinner with everyone and at night we watch the “Healing of Suffering” projected inside the walls of the tent.
A great experience altogether.

Retreat on the Principles

Red Bluff – 11/3/2012
This retreat is intended to be held for one day (8 hours).
– Framework:
The meaning of this retreat is to try to deepen the understanding of our lives and our actions, and strengthen the development of a new attitude in life, based on valid action to achieve internal unity and increasing coherence in front of life. In this retreat we will have the opportunity to work on these three topics.
The Principles are a key element of Silo’s Message, and its daily practice as basis for the liberation of the Mind.
During the retreat, the only issue is our own work and the right attitude is of kindness, good humor, sincerity and internal opening. We go deeper within ourselves and learn from others.
Mental Fence:
During the retreat we are in a “different mental space” where we do our work. We set a spatial limit around us and “suspend” everyday time to enter a temporary space given by the rhythms of our work. The mental fence allow us to concentrate energy and maintain a good attentional level. It is implemented by starting with an office.
How the retreat works:
We all participate in the same way and someone takes the role of coordinating the times. It is recommended to observe punctuality regarding agreed schedules for activities, and also it helps to develop the retreat without hurrying (Paradox).
– Development:
– It starts with an office.
– Listen to chat: “The most important thing”
– Reading on the formative theme “The Principles”, the Manual for Messengers. When reading the principles one by one, some time (short) is allowed in between for people to reflect individually and take notes. After reading the first 6, take a break, and leave about an hour to exchange in groups about what each has been observed. Groups of 3 or 4 people.
– Lunch (1 hour approx.)
– Study of the principles 6-12. Same as above, with interchange.
– Personal work. Reflect on what is the most important principle for the situations that I’m living at this moment in my life. See how to get in touch with the register of that principle, define an “image” to help me guide my action towards the unitive, toward coherence. Write a brief summary in one or two sentences, in a way that is significant for myself (for this exercise is recommended to work with narrow limits of time and “force” the intuitive over the “rational”).
– Group interchange: Each participant reads their synthesis (of course this is not mandatory).
– Team work: Form again small groups (3 or 4 persons) Each group elects one principle, and prepares a skit with the theme, showing coherence and incoherence in action.
– Closing: Closing Ceremony: office or imposition….