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Presentation at the Light Millennium Organization

New York – 12/16/2008

Dear Bircam,

Thanks for inviting Kurt, Maureen, Mark and myself to this interesting event and for giving us the opportunity to meet you and tell you about a project we are involved with.2

We are members of the Community of Silo’s Message in NY. I will not talk about Silo’s Message today, except to say that the reason for the existence of our community is the surpassing of pain and suffering -the surpassing of discrimination and revenge, the surpassing of fear and resentment, the surpassing of ignorance and intolerance. In other words: we are concerned with surpassing Violence in all its shapes and shades wherever we find it.

In today’s world, violence is directly or indirectly related to every issue, whether it is personal or interpersonal, social or political, economical, or about the health of the human being and the environment. We are at a point where what was no longer is, yet the face of Violence still shines its illusion on us in a last effort to remain. But some say that if Violence is the answer, then we have been asking the wrong question. Others say that whatever War can do, Peace can do much better. Yes, the events are defining the face of Peace and Non Violence as a guiding image that inspires people to ask themselves about the kind of world they want to live in, the kind of persons they want to be, and the kind of relations they wish to have with others. It is clear that Violence’s ultimate destination is death while Non-violence’s is a path of constant transformation, openness and a quest for immortality.1

No wonder this great project has been launched! The Community of Silo’s Message is a sponsor of the first March for Peace and Non Violence in History. The March will circle the planet starting this year in Wellington, New Zealand -on Gandhi’s day- Oct. 2, and will end in the Andes Mountains of South America on Jan. 2, next year. This 90 day world tour, will pass through 90 cities, among them NYC at the end of November 2009.

We have come to invite you to be a part of this great show of will of a large part of Humanity and to support Peace and Non-violence, something that has never been done before at a World level… And may all the Gods help us in our attempt, but most importantly, may all humanity join in this the most noble and brave of causes –because, Peace is Strength!

Thank you.
Community of Silo’s Message – New York
Patricia Rios
Presentation at the Light Millennium Organization