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Reflections related to Silo’s Message

Fernando Aranguiz

Community of Portland, OR
July 24, 2022

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Reflections around several themes found in Silo’s Message book. These reflections were done during the first two years of the pandemic (COVID-19)

Day of Inspiration

Day of Inspiration
Where: Lake Merrit
When: 8/9/2014
Saturday August 9th we did an asking and a day of Inspiration at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Friends who we’ve known for many years, a few months, and some just a few days joined us for an asking, a moment to meditate on what we and those around us truly needed.
We spent the afternoon interchanging and sharing ceremonies of the Well-Being and Service.
We concluded the day with many of our poetic and musical friends sharing their crafts in an open mic before closing with a shared moment of Gratitude and Asking.
Community: Community of Inner Light of Oakland
City: Oakland
Country: USA
Contact: Michael

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Asking for the Japanese People

Sacramento – 4/30/2011 – Davis Community of the Message
Hi friends –
Last Saturday Jim and I went to the “First Annual Global Chant for Peace” event in Sacramento – I had contacted the coordinators the day before and asked if we could do a public Asking for the Japanese people and for an end to nuclear violence. They were delighted, totally open. So before getting up on stage I passed out copies of the following asking, and invited people to follow along. Everyone I talked to was absolutely happy to participate, really grateful that we were doing this, and at noon I got up on stage and read it aloud. It was really beautiful.

It was so well received that we got inspired to try it again this coming Saturday at the Cinco de Mayo festival here in Red Bluff. Mary and I will be doing both a Ceremony of Wellbeing and a Ceremony of Protection, since there will be a lot of families. Again the coordinators were totally open and welcoming. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Below is the asking we did last Saturday, and a very tiny picture of me on stage – we’ll try to do better at the 5 de Mayo!

big hug


Ceremony of Well-Being and Safety for the People of Japan

Union Square, New York – 3/20/2011
My name is Emiko, and I don’t have a title. I am an ordinary citizen. I am here today, because I like all of you,

I am deeply affected by what has happened in Japan, what continues to happen, and what the future maybe. This is a tragedy beyond ethnicity, beliefs and borders. This is a tragedy for all humanity.

In time of great need, people come together. We come together to comfort each other, and to ease our pain and suffering. In the darkest and most challenging moments, our love comes from the depth of our hearts, and it truly manifests. It gives us strength, to reach out to one another with warm kindness. We, the people of New York, want the people of Japan to know, that we are all in this together, and we want them to receive our love.

In time of great need, people need hope. When the sky is dark, stars guide us through the night. Hope is a star, and let it be a guiding light. Let hope lead us to the dawn. As an old Japanese phrase has it, “Hii Izuuruu qunee, Nippon” – The Sun Rises from Japan. The dawn will come, and the sun will rise.

I invite you join me now to light a candle – a symbol of hope. With a light in our hands and warmth in our hearts, we would like to do a “Ceremony of Well-being and Safety,” inspired by “Silo’s Message.” This brief ceremony if a communal and shared experience of sending our love and hope, for the well-being and safety of the people of Japan, and all those affected by these events.
Nicole Myers

Well Being Ceremony for Japan

Kilkenny Square, Ireland – 3/19/2011
Title: Dear Friends!
I sent 70 text messages on Friday and also put it on Face Book, and announced it at Story -telling Night on Saturday night.
About 25 of us gathered in Kilkenny’s main Square, The Parade, at 5pm this Sunday to hold our Well Being Ceremony for Japan..
8 Japanese people also came, amongst them many living locally, many of them are working in Camphill Rudolf Steiner School, which is well-known local chain of communities, living from donations and volunteer based, taking care of people in special needs. Some only arrived to live and work there only 2 weeks ago, some are working and living there 8-20 years ago. The rest of the participants were mixed nationality and age, Irish, Israeli, Korean, French, English and Congolese, all living in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Some local people came and amongst them 2 women like to organize a coffee morning, where we could all chat and an other man would like to bake cakes to sell as charity and send the money to Japan.

At the beginin of e ceremony I sensed, it is important to say, if someone would rather do their own prayer, according to their religion or would rather not follow our ceremony, jut be with us, to feel free to do so.

Couple of the participants said, they felt how grateful they are for having gathered and done this ceremony. There were two girls from Tokyo, who looked really worried, (not surprisingly), but were smiling at the end. At the beginning one could cut the air from the tension, it was so quiet.

The atmosphere has “melted” by the end of the ceremony, people just didn’t want to move or leave. People I asked said it was good experience to do it. Many were talking, enquiring about the situation in Japan, shared their worries and hopes.

We will repeat the ceremony next Sunday, same time, and same place, because requested by the participants.

Big hug from Krisztina