Commentaries on “Silo’s Message” – Eduardo Gozalo

Eduardo Gozalo
April 20, 2016
Centre of Studies, Parks of Study and Reflection: Punta de Vacas

In these commentaries, I follow the process I began after a great failure, when
I was very young without a clear meaning in life, as my expectations, dreams
and aspirations collapsed

In that emptiness a search for new horizons was generated, and I was
connecting with different currents of thought during several years, discarding
one after another, since they did not fit with the search that had been

Commentaries on “Silo’s Message”

Commentaries: Immortality – Norma B. Coronel

Norma B. Coronel
Comunity The greatest of the Poets
Small Hall “La Boca” neighborhood
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 3, 2016

Commentaries on Silo ́s Message: Immortality – Account of an experience

What urged me onward in this search?
What made me rise again after every failure?
What or who whispered in my ear, opening the way?
Is it that the “gods,” sleeping in the depths of the human mind, allow
everyone to achieve the Experience? And the myths tell us that, if they
awaken, they give nothing away for free.
Long ago I asked myself whether, in order to achieve that Experience, I
would have to perform great feats. How many seas, deserts and
mountains would I have to cross? I was ready for anything, and so I set
off on my journey. I went on my way, but found neither profound truth
nor any complete experience. Discarding this and that I moved onward,
discovering that sacrifices and the fear of death were absolutely useless for
achieving what I sought. The path I had to follow was another.

Personal experience related to Valid Action – Karen Rohn

Karen Rohn
Community of the Fountain
Salita Barrio Brasil – Santiago, Chile
April 8, 2014

This writing does not attempt to give a personal interpretation about the complete text in Silo’s Message. It is a testimonial writing referred to giving and valid action as described and experienced in The Book, Chapter XIII The Principles; Experience through the Ceremony of Well-being and phrases from The Path. These elements of Silo’s Message are complemented using other texts recommended by Silo as materials that enrich the understanding of the Message and are found in Silo’s Collected Works I & II.
This writing is one of a number of attempts I’ve made while trying to arrive to a deeper understanding of, what for me was and is, an especially complex and unusually enriching experience.


Commentaries on “Silo’s Message” – Silo

Center of Studies, Punta de Vacas Park

These Commentaries do not cover all of the topics in Silo’s Message, but only those that seem necessary for a better understanding of this writing.
We will approach Silo’s Message respecting the order of that exposition. Therefore, the first part will be devoted to the chapters and paragraphs of the book, The Inner Look; the second part will consider “The Experience;” and the third, “The Path.”