Reflections related to Silo’s Message

Fernando Aranguiz

Community of Portland, OR
July 24, 2022

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Reflections around several themes found in Silo’s Message book. These reflections were done during the first two years of the pandemic (COVID-19)

Commentary on Silo’s Message

Chloë Noordendorp
Park of Study and Reflection Mikebuda

Testimony to Silo’s Message

Recently I have come to realise that there have only been a few moments of major impact in my life. The most recent of which caused many physical and mental changes. It has forced me to acknowledge certain truths, face fears and see things for what they are, instead of what I would like them to be or how I thought they were. This has led to great internal revelations, resulting in a complete change in lifestyle…

Experiences with the Principles

Roberto Verdecchia
Community “Silo – Toronto”
Toronto, Canada
4th of May 2019


Experiences with the Principles, especially No. 7

“If you pursue an end, you enchain yourself. If everything you do you realize as an end in itself, you liberate yourself.”

I don’t really understand why I’m doing so well. I can certainly write out my experience and my thinking behind it all (and that is what this document is), but I’m still not sure how all of that adds up to what I feel is going on within me now. I’m interested in trying to understand because we know that states of inspiration tend to dwindle over time, and when that eventually happens and I find myself in my daily life more like before, I would like to be able to re-read this write-up and perhaps be able to follow the path back to inspiration. That may not be possible, and who knows, perhaps I won’t lose the entire thread of this state, either. But no matter what happens, I think it’s worth trying to better understand how these kinds of changes come about.

Path to awakening

Norma B. Coronel
Community “Balvanera Small Hall”
Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 23, 2018


Testimonial Commentaries on Silo’s Message
Silo, the great awakened one.

These commentaries cover a period of my life that goes from 2002, when Silo‟s Message was launched, to 2018 and they include the first commentaries that I had written in the year 2011. These writings came from the personal need of telling my own experience and the change that progressively was produced in me as I went deeper into The Message. There is also the aspiration that this testimony may be useful to other who take The Message as the path of liberation from our own and others suffering, as the path towards the Meaning of life.

These writings arose from a personal need to share my own experience and the discoveries and conclusions I have reached in working with Silo ́s Message. I hope my testimony can help others use this Message as the path toward freedom from suffering for themselves and others, as the path toward the meaning of life. Silo‟s Message is not based on dogma; rather it is about free interpretation. That is also the framework of these comments, which are made according to the understanding and experience I reached after some time. This came about both through group practice during the weekly meetings in which I participate, and through frequent individual practice as well. The action of bringing this experience to my relatives, friends and others helped me comprehend and achieve a greater opening toward other people, enabling me to reach experiences previously unknown.

This work is a testimonial to an experience anyone can reach if they make Silo ́s Message their own. It is presented in poems describing experiences that make up a process. The poems are followed by explanations that show the way I practice everything that is presented in the book, and the non-linear process that progressively developed. I have never followed the meditations in sequence, but have accompanied them with ceremonies.

The final part includes three complete tales of experiences that have been important in my process. The message that Silo has kindly given us is a way to a life that is both coherent and transcendent. It leads us to justice, to reconciliation. Through it we can reach the Profound, ultimately unveiling the existence of a permanent Meaning that transforms life, illuminating it. The belief in definite death fall down and thus breaking our enchainment to suffering. It is also possible to reach the unmistakable personal experience of what I call the divine

Commentaries on “Silo’s Message” in Basque

Silo’s Comments to Silo’s Message translated into the Basque Language.

“Siloren Mezua”ren Lehen atala

Lehen atalean, «Barne-begirada» liburua komentatuko dugu. Lehen hiru kapituluetan, hitzaurre gisa, kontuan izan behar diren gaiak aipatzen ditu autoreak, arreta guztiz, gai garrantzitsuak zuzenki kokatu ahal izateko.

  1. kapituluraino egiten diren azalpenek zentzugabetasun kutsua dute, eta baztertu egingo ditu behin betiko egiaren bila dabilenak. Bertan aurkituko ditugu kontuan hartzea merezi duten kapitulu eta ahapaldi batzuk. Baina, lehenik eta behin, gure buruari galdetu behar diogu: Zer helarazi nahi da lan honekin? Irakaspen bat helarazi nahi da bizitzaren zentzuarekin zerikusia duen giza portaerari buruz eta gizakiaren barnekoari buruz.

Zergatik du «Barne-begirada» titulutzat? Ikusmen-organoa ez al dago jarrita kanpoaldeko mundua ikusteko, leiho bat edo bi bailiran, kasuaren arabera? Ez al dago jarrita zabal-zabalik, egunero, kontzientzia iratzartzen denerako? Begiaren hondoak kanpoko munduaren inpaktuak jasotzen ditu. Baina, batzuetan, betazalak ixten ditudanean, kanpoko mundua gogoratzen dut, edo imajinatzen dut, edo esna amesten dut, edo amesten dut. Mundu hori pantaila batean begiratzen duen barneko begi batekin ikusten dut. Ez da, ordea, kanpoko mundua ikusteko erabiltzen dudan begi berbera….


The Asking and Silo’s Message

Gabi Noack
Community “The Inner Look”
Köln, Germany
4th of march 2018
(translation: Almut Scheben)


Experiences  concerning Contradiction and Unity by implementing the Asking
The first impulse to this work was the “Gift”, which Silo gave in his speech in the year 2005, on the occasion of the inauguration of the park of study and reflection in La Reja, Argentina.

In this text it is said:

“Today we are holding this celebration, and since in some celebrations people exchange presents, I would like to give you a gift. Then, certainly, it will be up to you to decide whether it merits your acceptance. It consists, in fact, of the easiest and most practical recommendation I am able to offer. It is almost a like a recipe from a cookbook, but I trust you will be able to go beyond simply what is indicated by the words…

In some moment of the day or night inhale a breath of air, and imagine that you carry this air to your heart. Then, ask with strength for yourself and for your loved ones. Ask with strength to move away from all that brings you contradiction; ask for your life to have unity. Don’t take a lot of time with this brief prayer, this brief asking, because it is enough that you interrupt for one brief moment what is happening in your life for this contact with your interior to give clarity to your feelings and your ideas.

To move away from contradiction is the same as to overcome hatred, resentment, and the desire for revenge. To move away from contradiction is to cultivate the desire to reconcile with others and with oneself. To move away from contradiction is to forgive and to make amends twice-over for every wrong that you have inflicted on others…”