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The Asking and Silo’s Message

Gabi Noack
Community “The Inner Look”
Köln, Germany
4th of march 2018
(translation: Almut Scheben)


Experiences  concerning Contradiction and Unity by implementing the Asking
The first impulse to this work was the “Gift”, which Silo gave in his speech in the year 2005, on the occasion of the inauguration of the park of study and reflection in La Reja, Argentina.

In this text it is said:

“Today we are holding this celebration, and since in some celebrations people exchange presents, I would like to give you a gift. Then, certainly, it will be up to you to decide whether it merits your acceptance. It consists, in fact, of the easiest and most practical recommendation I am able to offer. It is almost a like a recipe from a cookbook, but I trust you will be able to go beyond simply what is indicated by the words…

In some moment of the day or night inhale a breath of air, and imagine that you carry this air to your heart. Then, ask with strength for yourself and for your loved ones. Ask with strength to move away from all that brings you contradiction; ask for your life to have unity. Don’t take a lot of time with this brief prayer, this brief asking, because it is enough that you interrupt for one brief moment what is happening in your life for this contact with your interior to give clarity to your feelings and your ideas.

To move away from contradiction is the same as to overcome hatred, resentment, and the desire for revenge. To move away from contradiction is to cultivate the desire to reconcile with others and with oneself. To move away from contradiction is to forgive and to make amends twice-over for every wrong that you have inflicted on others…”

Public Ceremony of Silo’s Message – New York

Do not let a day pass by without giving an answer to yourself about who you are.
Do not let a day pass by without giving an answer to yourself about where you are going.

We invite you Tuesday August 15th from 7 to 8pm to share a Ceremony of Silo’s Message. With two simple meditations we’ll try to connect with our internal force and to ask for well-being for our loved ones.

We’ll gather in Union Square next to the Gandhi statue.
Facebook: communityofsilosmessagenewyork
Instragram: silosmessagenewyork
Phone: (347) 463-7527

Silo’s Message in different Parks and Squares of New York

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During this summer, Ceremonies and events of Silo’s Message are taking place in different Parks and Squares of New York. We came from Argentina to share our internal experiences and hope to extend knowledge of Silo’s Message. We’d love for more people to feel the inspiration and register this deep search of meaning.

Instragram:  silosmessagenewyork

Commentaries on “Silo’s Message” – Eduardo Gozalo

Eduardo Gozalo
April 20, 2016
Centre of Studies, Parks of Study and Reflection: Punta de Vacas

In these commentaries, I follow the process I began after a great failure, when
I was very young without a clear meaning in life, as my expectations, dreams
and aspirations collapsed

In that emptiness a search for new horizons was generated, and I was
connecting with different currents of thought during several years, discarding
one after another, since they did not fit with the search that had been

Commentaries on “Silo’s Message”