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Monday night meeting

Eastlake Hall of Silo's Message

August 2022. Monday night meeting.

Many people came over and charged the hall with beautiful feelings of friendship. We shared a ceremony of well-being and said goodbye to a good friend.

Community of Silo’s Message San Rafael, California

Community of Silo’s Message – San Rafael, California, USA
Country: USA – City: San Rafael, CA – Contact: Ken Dickinson

We are the Community of Silo’s Message in San Rafael, California
We are a spiritual community that meets every Monday night virtually on Zoom from 7pm-8pm 
Our meditations or ceremonies are community based and guided by the participants. They are very easy to do and follow so anyone can present them in a very short while. 
In our community we want to get to know each other, we are connected and interested in each other’s lives, therefore we always chat a bit before the meditation, to know how we are all doing, to “warm up” and because we are all important to each other.
We almost always do the meditation called the “service”, a ceremony that connects us with our life force, so it’s also called the “experience of the force”.