Commentaries: Immortality – Norma B. Coronel

Norma B. Coronel
Comunity The greatest of the Poets
Small Hall “La Boca” neighborhood
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 3, 2016

Commentaries on Silo ́s Message: Immortality – Account of an experience

What urged me onward in this search?
What made me rise again after every failure?
What or who whispered in my ear, opening the way?
Is it that the “gods,” sleeping in the depths of the human mind, allow
everyone to achieve the Experience? And the myths tell us that, if they
awaken, they give nothing away for free.
Long ago I asked myself whether, in order to achieve that Experience, I
would have to perform great feats. How many seas, deserts and
mountains would I have to cross? I was ready for anything, and so I set
off on my journey. I went on my way, but found neither profound truth
nor any complete experience. Discarding this and that I moved onward,
discovering that sacrifices and the fear of death were absolutely useless for
achieving what I sought. The path I had to follow was another.

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