Summary and Synthesis of Pilgrimage Week 1

Summary and Synthesis of Pilgrimage Week 1
United States – 7/1/2013

After an affectionate late night celebration surrounded by family and friends Christian and I arrived Saturday night tired and extremely overprepared (you could hardly see through our rear view window our parents had packed so much!).

The first morning of the Pilgrimage we were able to do ceremonies with our good friends Phillip, Ken, Janet, Jamal, and Matthew. The tone was subtle, and even though we were hardly able to talk that morning I felt very connected to Phillip, and felt refreshed when we concluded.

We spent one more night in Los Angeles and used our 2 days for decompression, playing mini golf and eating persian food cooked by the grandma of a friend of ours.

We then headed off to the grand canyon (a bucket list item for Christian) where we learned a good lesson in preparedness after being rescued by a volunteer ranger with extra water bottles a few miles deep into the canyon in 102 degree weather.

Wednesday at 2am, we arrived in New Mexico to an incredible thunderstorm and rain that forced us off the road. After a night spent sleeping in the car we arrived to Kurt’s house where we were able to spend a day planning logistics for our trip to Mexico, do some work configuring the internal guide, and enjoy a nice meal from Tomasito’s.

The last two days we have been driving from Santa Fe to New Orleans where we arrived last night and have been hosted by Fernando’s son Josh. Today I had the opportunity to read about the city’s history and venture into “Central City” one area of the city I would like to open up our ceremonies.

This pilgrimage is difficult, full of surprises, and doors open when my eyes are ready to see them. I am about to open up the experience of the Message to people who I have never met before, who might totally reject this thing that I have so much faith in, and I know that I can’t lose faith in myself or in the ability of others to overcome their suffering.

I don’t know exactly what I am doing, I experience doubt, and think I should have prepared better for our arrival in New Orleans. After having experienced bouts of anxiety that no one would hear our Message, I had a strange experience.

I had this feeling that there is a child waiting to discover a new world. This image of a young girl waiting at her windowsill, tired of the violence and non meaning that contaminated her environment came to me. And I felt deeply that I have to do whatever I can to reach her, to make sure she had the possibility to build a better reality than the one she has inherited.

So, with all of the obstacles, internal and external, that stand between us, I will try to make sure this message reaches that girl.

Michael Cameron – Park of Study and Reflection Red Bluff