Rise Up: Pilgrimage to the Profound

USA – 6/30/2013
Rise Up is a project of Silo’s Message of San Francisco. It is open to anyone wishing to use Silo’s tools deepen their own experience of the Sacred and share these tools with others. We recognize the gravity of the current situation and realize the importance of a true effort towards awakening.

Our vision is to journey through North America using Silo’s tools to explore and develop ourselves and deepen our understanding of and connection to the people of this land. We will use workshops from the Manual for Messengers, exercises from Peter Deno’s workshop on corporal expression, the Method, and forms of expression of the Profound that we are still developing.

The pilgrimage begins June 30th, 2013, anyone interested in joining or supporting the trip should contact: mcameron00@gmail.com

A short video of an experience we’ve done here (won’t play on mobile phones)

Hugs, Michael Cameron
Park of Study and Reflection Red Bluff