Retreat on the Principles

Red Bluff – 11/3/2012
This retreat is intended to be held for one day (8 hours).
– Framework:
The meaning of this retreat is to try to deepen the understanding of our lives and our actions, and strengthen the development of a new attitude in life, based on valid action to achieve internal unity and increasing coherence in front of life. In this retreat we will have the opportunity to work on these three topics.
The Principles are a key element of Silo’s Message, and its daily practice as basis for the liberation of the Mind.
During the retreat, the only issue is our own work and the right attitude is of kindness, good humor, sincerity and internal opening. We go deeper within ourselves and learn from others.
Mental Fence:
During the retreat we are in a “different mental space” where we do our work. We set a spatial limit around us and “suspend” everyday time to enter a temporary space given by the rhythms of our work. The mental fence allow us to concentrate energy and maintain a good attentional level. It is implemented by starting with an office.
How the retreat works:
We all participate in the same way and someone takes the role of coordinating the times. It is recommended to observe punctuality regarding agreed schedules for activities, and also it helps to develop the retreat without hurrying (Paradox).
– Development:
– It starts with an office.
– Listen to chat: “The most important thing”
– Reading on the formative theme “The Principles”, the Manual for Messengers. When reading the principles one by one, some time (short) is allowed in between for people to reflect individually and take notes. After reading the first 6, take a break, and leave about an hour to exchange in groups about what each has been observed. Groups of 3 or 4 people.
– Lunch (1 hour approx.)
– Study of the principles 6-12. Same as above, with interchange.
– Personal work. Reflect on what is the most important principle for the situations that I’m living at this moment in my life. See how to get in touch with the register of that principle, define an “image” to help me guide my action towards the unitive, toward coherence. Write a brief summary in one or two sentences, in a way that is significant for myself (for this exercise is recommended to work with narrow limits of time and “force” the intuitive over the “rational”).
– Group interchange: Each participant reads their synthesis (of course this is not mandatory).
– Team work: Form again small groups (3 or 4 persons) Each group elects one principle, and prepares a skit with the theme, showing coherence and incoherence in action.
– Closing: Closing Ceremony: office or imposition….