Asking for the Japanese People

Sacramento – 4/30/2011 – Davis Community of the Message
Hi friends –
Last Saturday Jim and I went to the “First Annual Global Chant for Peace” event in Sacramento – I had contacted the coordinators the day before and asked if we could do a public Asking for the Japanese people and for an end to nuclear violence. They were delighted, totally open. So before getting up on stage I passed out copies of the following asking, and invited people to follow along. Everyone I talked to was absolutely happy to participate, really grateful that we were doing this, and at noon I got up on stage and read it aloud. It was really beautiful.

It was so well received that we got inspired to try it again this coming Saturday at the Cinco de Mayo festival here in Red Bluff. Mary and I will be doing both a Ceremony of Wellbeing and a Ceremony of Protection, since there will be a lot of families. Again the coordinators were totally open and welcoming. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Below is the asking we did last Saturday, and a very tiny picture of me on stage – we’ll try to do better at the 5 de Mayo!

big hug