Ceremony of Well-Being and Safety for the People of Japan

Union Square, New York – 3/20/2011
My name is Emiko, and I don’t have a title. I am an ordinary citizen. I am here today, because I like all of you,

I am deeply affected by what has happened in Japan, what continues to happen, and what the future maybe. This is a tragedy beyond ethnicity, beliefs and borders. This is a tragedy for all humanity.

In time of great need, people come together. We come together to comfort each other, and to ease our pain and suffering. In the darkest and most challenging moments, our love comes from the depth of our hearts, and it truly manifests. It gives us strength, to reach out to one another with warm kindness. We, the people of New York, want the people of Japan to know, that we are all in this together, and we want them to receive our love.

In time of great need, people need hope. When the sky is dark, stars guide us through the night. Hope is a star, and let it be a guiding light. Let hope lead us to the dawn. As an old Japanese phrase has it, “Hii Izuuruu qunee, Nippon” – The Sun Rises from Japan. The dawn will come, and the sun will rise.

I invite you join me now to light a candle – a symbol of hope. With a light in our hands and warmth in our hearts, we would like to do a “Ceremony of Well-being and Safety,” inspired by “Silo’s Message.” This brief ceremony if a communal and shared experience of sending our love and hope, for the well-being and safety of the people of Japan, and all those affected by these events.
Nicole Myers