Testimony – San Diego, CA – 3/14/20115
Recently I was in the hospital for 3 days, where I had an interesting experience. Having to go into the hospital suddenly was jolting, being thrown together with people with all sorts of difficult health conditions and so many confusing things happening – the usual chaos of these times. And they would give me very little information, so that each day I was hoping to get out of the hospital but wasn’t told much about my medical situation, etc. and then at the end of each day would be told I had to stay in the hospital another day. This went on for 3 days. I reread the Askings friends had sent for a previous surgery, and worked with the guide and askings, which were very useful, but even with this and the wonderful help of my family accompanying me, after a couple of days I became worn down by the situation, chaos, lack of information, etc. and was simply desperate to get out of there.2

Then, on the third day I had an experience where things converted and I suddenly felt so grateful for this opportunity to have a break from everyday life and a space to reflect, even in the midst of all the chaos. I read Nicole’s wonderful testimony again, and began to read the Inner Look in Silo’s Message. Just looking at the first page I was overwhelmed at how fortunate I was to be able to read the simple words there that began, “Here it tells how the non-meaning of life can be converted into meaning and fulfillment…” And the words on the pages began to come alive, started to move, so many messages, everything said there so luminous and meaningful… I had read the book so many times, but now those readings seemed more “flat” tending to locate what was said “outside.” After all our experiences of the last 2 years the book was now somehow new, alive and in motion… As I read, I could feel the special registers that sometimes arise where something “realigns” inside, a new way of being that is waking up and becoming real within us. I could feel “something” very near, the “new world” that is coming, how the gods are very close, “poking through” into everyday life more and more, the signals stronger… and then I felt a resolution to live according to the new world that we are building together, to bet on it and to have the courage to live within it, and to keep striving to find ways to bring together, to interleave the profound into the beauty of everyday life…