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Seasonal Celebration Spring – 2013

Red Bluff Park – 3/23/2013
We had our Seasonal Celebration at the Park on Saturday March 23rd.
We had the opportunity to place a “mobile hall” where the Hall is going to be built. It was a great day with lots of talks, activities, exchanges and we were able to do the Service Ceremony and the Well Being Ceremony in our tent.…

Retreat on the Principles

Red Bluff – 11/3/2012
This retreat is intended to be held for one day (8 hours).
– Framework:
The meaning of this retreat is to try to deepen the understanding of our lives and our actions, and strengthen the development of a new attitude in life, based on valid action to achieve internal unity and increasing coherence in front of life.…

Messengers Retreat

Red Bluff Park – 5/22/2011
For all those who would like to deepen their understanding of Silo’s Message
This two-day retreat was inspired by Silo’s declared intention, before his passing in September 2010, to “give strong impulse” to the Message beginning in January of 2011.
The first day is dedicated to study, reflexion and interchange about the Message, and to considering what this “strong impulse” might be.…

Homage to Silo

Red Bluff Park – 5/1/2011
After Silo’s departure last September, every Park was given part of his ashes to spread on Park grounds.
On that day we shared the ceremony of the spreading of the ashes, tell stories of meaningful experiences with Silo and his Message, watched videos, and share a potluck lunch.…