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Day of Inspiration

Day of Inspiration
Where: Lake Merrit
When: 8/9/2014
Saturday August 9th we did an asking and a day of Inspiration at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Friends who we’ve known for many years, a few months, and some just a few days joined us for an asking, a moment to meditate on what we and those around us truly needed.…

Homage to Silo

Red Bluff Park – 5/1/2011
After Silo’s departure last September, every Park was given part of his ashes to spread on Park grounds.
On that day we shared the ceremony of the spreading of the ashes, tell stories of meaningful experiences with Silo and his Message, watched videos, and share a potluck lunch.…

Asking for the Japanese People

Sacramento – 4/30/2011 – Davis Community of the Message
Hi friends –
Last Saturday Jim and I went to the “First Annual Global Chant for Peace” event in Sacramento – I had contacted the coordinators the day before and asked if we could do a public Asking for the Japanese people and for an end to nuclear violence.…

Well Being Ceremony for Japan

Kilkenny Square, Ireland – 3/19/2011
Title: Dear Friends!
I sent 70 text messages on Friday and also put it on Face Book, and announced it at Story -telling Night on Saturday night.
About 25 of us gathered in Kilkenny’s main Square, The Parade, at 5pm this Sunday to hold our Well Being Ceremony for Japan..…