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Seminar on Direction and Aphorisms

Hudson Valley Park – 7/25/2010
The Message seminar “Direction and the Aphorisms” was held at Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection on Sunday, July 25th, 2010.
It was a milestone because it was our first Message seminar held at HVP and was well attended by 18 people. For many, this was also their first visit to the Park which was purchased only a month earlier which was exciting in and of itself.…

Several activities at a Community of Silo’s Message

Multiple locations – 4/22/2009
Title: Dear Friends,
We send you some pictures of our activities of the Message in The Philippines… Our new sign for The Message of Silo, an Inter-change after the Meeting of Experience in the ‘Salita’, a preparation for ‘Serbisyo’ in a Payatas home, Quezon City, an Inter-change after the Meeting of Experience in the ‘Salita’, gathering at the ‘Salita’ with a visitor from Red Bluff, and a ceremony of Recognition and a Service at a botanical garden.…

Presentation at the Light Millennium Organization

New York – 12/16/2008

Dear Bircam,

Thanks for inviting Kurt, Maureen, Mark and myself to this interesting event and for giving us the opportunity to meet you and tell you about a project we are involved with.2

We are members of the Community of Silo’s Message in NY. I will not talk about Silo’s Message today, except to say that the reason for the existence of our community is the surpassing of pain and suffering -the surpassing of discrimination and revenge, the surpassing of fear and resentment, the surpassing of ignorance and intolerance.…