Summary and Synthesis of Pilgrimage Week 1

Summary and Synthesis of Pilgrimage Week 1
United States – 7/1/2013

After an affectionate late night celebration surrounded by family and friends Christian and I arrived Saturday night tired and extremely overprepared (you could hardly see through our rear view window our parents had packed so much!).

The first morning of the Pilgrimage we were able to do ceremonies with our good friends Phillip, Ken, Janet, Jamal, and Matthew.…

Rise Up: Pilgrimage to the Profound

USA – 6/30/2013
Rise Up is a project of Silo’s Message of San Francisco. It is open to anyone wishing to use Silo’s tools deepen their own experience of the Sacred and share these tools with others. We recognize the gravity of the current situation and realize the importance of a true effort towards awakening.…

Seasonal Celebration Spring – 2013

Red Bluff Park – 3/23/2013
We had our Seasonal Celebration at the Park on Saturday March 23rd.
We had the opportunity to place a “mobile hall” where the Hall is going to be built. It was a great day with lots of talks, activities, exchanges and we were able to do the Service Ceremony and the Well Being Ceremony in our tent.…