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European Meeting of Silo’s Message

toledo_encuentro_2016Dear friends, we invite you to the European Encounter of Silo’s Message that is hold every year in one of the European Parks of Study and Reflection. It is an encounter for the exchange of experiences and expressions coming from the deepest and the most sacred in our interior and from Silo’s Message as an ensemble, as a community.…

Retreat on The Principles of Valid Action

On Friday night, December 27th, 2015,  5 friends from the communities of the Message in San Francisco and Oakland met at the Parks of Study and Reflection Red Bluff Park to carry out a retreat on the Principles.

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Day of Inspiration

Day of Inspiration
Where: Lake Merrit
When: 8/9/2014
Saturday August 9th we did an asking and a day of Inspiration at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Friends who we’ve known for many years, a few months, and some just a few days joined us for an asking, a moment to meditate on what we and those around us truly needed.…

Seminar on the Force I

Where: Red Bluff Park
When: 8/2/2014
Title: Seminar of the Force:
Sunday August 2nd the Community of Inner Light of Oakland and the Community of Fire of San Francisco collaborated to host a Seminar I of the Force from the Manual of Messengers in Parks of Study and Reflection Red Bluff.…