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European Meeting of Messengers in Attigliano – May 2017

On May 20 and 21  2017 the Attigliano Park of Study and Reflection hosted the European Meeting of Messengers. Three hundred messengers arrived from all over the world to create a warm atmosphere of happiness, fondness and inspiration.

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First Gathering of the Americas of Silo’s Message communities

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Dear Friends,

We are very happy and thankful with the celebration of the First Gathering of the Americas of Silo’s Message communities, recently held between the 4th and 7th of May in Paraisopolis, Sur de Minas, Brazil. This event included the participation of dozens of messengers, pilgrims and visitors from different cities and countries including Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.…

Community of Silo’s Message small hall – Manila, Philippines

Our Salita is a townhouse south of Metro Manila in a nice neighborhood.
Accessible by car and also on foot via a short cut from the public road.
Messengers meet here every Saturday and will be used for day retreats, seminars, get togethers.
We Aspire to invite the neighbours to join us for an Asking, perhaps later for a Service…

For more information contact Gemma Suzara