Silo’s Message, Zeeburg

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Address: Celebesstraat 24 c
Postal Code: 1094 EL
Phone: (020) 693-8005
Hours: We meet in average every two weeks, the day of the next meeting is decided in the last meeting.
Contact: Lory Tasma
Contact: Chloe Noordendorp

Community of Silo’s Message Kilkenny

Country: Ireland
City: Kilkenny
Address: 10 Maple drive
Postal Code: R95 DR6K
Phone: (056) 772-1642
Hours: Mondays 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Contact: Krisztina Dragoman
Contact: Gerard Wright
Details: We are the Community of Silo’s Message in Kilkenny.
We meet every Monday night between 6.30-8.30pm. We are still looking for our own space, until then we are using a baby-massage yoga studio, called Super Mummies, in Kilkenny.…


Silo’s Message Small Hall – Queens, NY

Country: United States
City: Queens, New York
Contact: German Ramirez

Public Transportation:
Train M or R to Steinway Station
Train N or Q to Broadway Station

European Meeting of Silo’s Message

toledo_encuentro_2016Dear friends, we invite you to the European Encounter of Silo’s Message that is hold every year in one of the European Parks of Study and Reflection. It is an encounter for the exchange of experiences and expressions coming from the deepest and the most sacred in our interior and from Silo’s Message as an ensemble, as a community.…